BzzAgent Review- Tesco Entertaining Cheeses: Mozzarella and Pesto Toppers

So I got invited to another awesome campaign with BzzAgentUK– FREE CHEESE!!

I am a total cheese addict so this was the perfect campaign for me 🙂 In my kit were coupons for free cheeses and also discount vouchers!  So off I popped to TESCO to get the big shop done, coupons in tow.

This blog post is reviewing the first thing that I tried- the Mozzarella and Pesto Toppers. Since the whether has been beautiful this week so far I decided to make a salad to go with our dinner of pizza and chicken poppers- at least the salad made me feel healthy :p.



I put the lettuce in the bowl first then popped in some pepper, cucumber and baby tomatoes- then added the mozzarella poppers and basil- YUM!



I still had a few mozzarella balls left over (there were plenty in the pack) so decided to stuff a pepper with them and roast it in the over…

Mozzarella stuffed Pepper


So the cheese itself was actually pretty tasty and the basil pesto that comes with it makes for a great salad dressing. A big thumbs up for Tesco Entertaining Cheese number 1 from me!

Veet Easy Wax Electric Roll On-BZZ

Ok so far this has been the “biggest” thing that BzzAgent have sent me to review. I was very excited to get involved in this campaign. I’ve tried various methods of hair removal; cream, shaving, eplilating and waxing before and I have always reverted back to the good ol trusty razor- quick and fuss free. That being said I wanted to see if this Veet Easy Wax really was easy!

So here’s the kit that I got- completely gratis in return for sharing my opinion:


Upon reading the instructions it stated that you needed to apply the wax to clean skin- a perfect excuse for a total pamper evening complete with bubbly bath:


So it says the wax takes 20 minutes plugged into warm up. So I popped the wax into the electric roll on, plugged it all in and pondered that by the time it took me to blow dry my hair it would be ready. 20 loud breezy minutes later I tested the wax as suggested by the instructions and found that it wasn’t quite ready so set to straightening my hair. So far so good really, in the time it takes for the wax to warm up getting ready for a night out I should have time to dry and style my hair. I checked the wax again; this time it applied smoothly onto my legs. On I popped the strip and smoothed it down in the direction of the hair and 3 quick breaths out later…OUCH!

I’d anticipated the pain- no pain no gain right? It wasn’t all that bad to be honest and it had got all the hairs off that patch. Onto the rest of my legs, about 3/4 of the way through the first leg I realised I was running low on strips that that pack had provided me with and switched to the second leg.

Now I don’t know whether I ran out of strips to my newb waxer status or whether there were simply not enough strips. Either way the majority of my legs were hair free! Time for the finisher wipes now- these are pretty important as the instructions state that the wax will not wash off with water. I also found that they hadn’t really put enough of the wipes in.

That being said my legs were super smooth and looking gorgeous (the hair/wax free part of them anyway!).

Would I recommend the Veet Easy Wax Roll On? Well yes actually I would.  The pro’s against shaving include: baby soft legs and longer time till next hair removal- the pain is doable! I’m not sure whether I would pay the full price for the kit but I will definitely be topping up on strips, wipes and wax.

If you fancy a try yourself then don’t go paying full price now will you? Nip over to Amazon and pop in EASYWAX4 in the discount/voucher code box for a half price treat 🙂

Free From Bzz- The Food Reviews!

So I have pretty much tried all the free from goodies that I bought in TESCO with my discount vouchers from BzzAgent. Here’s the low down; warts and all.

Let’s start on a positive note: Mrs Crimbles Coconut Macaroons are delicious! Very sweet and sticky: perfect for a someone with a sweet tooth like me. Not too sweet though it seems as my partner loved them too. Definitely one for the shopping list.

Warbutons free from twin baguettes:DSC00351 are a big no no! Despite following the reccomendation of warming them in the oven prior to eating they tasted like cardboard 😦 I would stay away from these; bit of a waste of money as I couldn’t even finish my sandwich.



Ok let’s see what next… Oh yes the Berry Perkier Porridge Pot was fab! Great for a quick breakfast on the go, tasty, nutritious and filling. Unlike other quick porridges of its type, the just add water aspect of it didn’t affect the consistency or the taste. A big thumbs for this one from me and I will certainly be making this a regular breakfast feature.

I also tried the Tesco free from chocolate cake bars despite not having a voucher for them. You can definitely tell they are a free from brand as they have distinctive taste- having said that they were scrummy and I gobbled them all up.

Have yet to reach a verdict for the pasta- having heard bad reports of it I haven’t plucked up the courage to try it yet! But overall the free from range is pretty good I’d say. Am definitely glad to have found the Perkier Porridge Pots so thanks Bzz Agent 🙂

Tesco Free From Bzz Part 2- The Shop! (with a slight digression)

So it appears that my local Tesco Extra has a pretty good Free From range as I was able to pick up most of the things I wanted with my BzzAgent vouchers plus a few extras to try…


Apologies for the poor picture quality- my phone is getting on a bit now!

Apologies for the poor picture quality- my phone is getting on a bit now!

I decided to get the Perkier Porridge pot, Crimbles Macaroons and Warburtons free from baguettes with the vouchers. I did look for the pizza to try but they didn’t seem to have it unfortunately 😦 I couldn’t resist a try of the chocolate cake bars and thought the free from pasta would be good to try as pasta without fail will flare up my IBS.


It was a pretty good shopping trip all in all- did the big fortnightly food shop, bought a new cardigan for work with a pretty pattern (Tesco clothes are pretty good these days, especially in the the Tesco Extras- some good bargains there 🙂



 and got the Les Mis DVD- saw it in the cinema and thought it was amazing so defnitely had to get the DVD. To top it all off we got a 10p per litre off petrol voucher too- Kerching!

Anyway back to the BzzAgent stuff- Have tried a few of the free from products that I bought with my vouchers so will be letting you know my opinions of them. Sneak preview: Some are fab, some are bleurgh!

Tesco Free From Bzz part 1- before the shop!

So my Bzzkit arrived yesterday 😀 lots of vouchers for myself and plenty enough to share amongst friends and collegues- fantastic start!



As an aspiring supersaver (saving for a mortgage, wedding and trying to get out of an overdraught at the same time takes it toll on the ‘ol paypacket) the first thing I did was head straight to to find all the items I could purchase and to see how much I would be paying.

Here you are just to have a little nose: if you’re anything like me you’ll be terribly nosy :p

Free from shopping list

Then I applied the savings and worked out with the main voucher attached to each product (each product has 1 main voucher then 5 other vouchers worth a lesser amount) that my shopping basket would actully look like this:

Teso Free From Seeded Bread- 65p (wow!)

Tesco Free From Cheese and Tomato Pizza- £1.25

Warbutons Twin Baguettes- 85p

Mrs Crimbles Coconut Macaroons – 40p (fab!)

Perkier Fruity Berry Porridge Pot- £1

Making a total of £4.15 and a saving of £5.35. Pretty good saving, definitely worth a try to find out if it affects my IBS.

I’ve suffered from IBS since I was a teenager; I’ve noticed a few definite triggers but almost every meal I have will set it off. I’ve tried cutting foods out but failed miserably! Citrus fruit is a defnite no no- however I just can’t stop myself eating it. I love mango and pineapple especially and crave it big time so usually just deal with the pain afterwards :/Another major trigger is pasta so I think I may also try the gluten free pasta, see if that makes any difference; although having said that a collegue in work who has a gluten intolerance has said it’s not very nice. But at least I can see whether its the gluten in pasta that affects me.

Anyway in my quest to battle the IBS I will be dragging the other half to Tesco when he finishes work this evening for a free from shopping spree. Check out part 2 for the shopping trip- and whether my Tesco will actually stock all the products. Having read a few Bzz reports on the range it seems some of the BzzAgents had to request that the store get it stocked in so we shall see!

I plan on posting a blog on each of the products that I try so that you can find out which ones are worth the spend, which ones are yummy and more importantly which ones to avoid!

Looking forward to tasting the goods 🙂

Thanks for reading!

Trialing products for free :)

So a few months ago I signed up to be a BzzAgent. This means that I do some online surveys and every now and then get some free products to review!

The first product I got to trial was Vanish Oxy Action.


I am now involved in two campaigns; Tesco Free From range and Veet Easy Wax. For the Tesco Free From campaign I’m awaiting some discount vouchers and for the Veet campaign I get a free electric waxer!

What’s the catch right? Well in return for the freebies I have to review them and publish my reviews through various methods. For example for the Vanish campaign I spoke to friends and family (word of mouth) and tweeted about it on Twitter. This time around I am going to use this blog to review the products and let you know my honest opinion of the products. I’ll post some photos and maybe videos of my trials if I’m feeling adventurous. If you’ve come to my blog through Facebook then you are likely to know that this is legit as you know me 🙂 and you may be wondering how you can lay your hands on some freebies of your own.

It’s really easy to become a BzzAgent just go to and sign up. The more surveys you take the better your Bzz score and the more likely it is that you will get campaigns. Be patient though- I was thinking the other day about leaving because I hadn’t had a campaign since March and WHAM just like busses two came along at once.

Anyway check back in soon as my Bzz Kits should arrive soon!

Thanks for reading guys, I appreciate it,

Cati xx